“They say that necessity is the mother of invention. That’s why we built DSS”

Dynamic Self-Syndication™ (DSS) is marketing software designed by Foster Web Marketing. It functions as a Content Management System (CMS), Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), reputation management tool, analytics tracking dashboard, social media tool, and so much more. To put it simply, DSS is the solution for all of your online and inbound marketing needs. 

The DSS dashboard provides you with a snapshot of your Google Analytics information so you can see how well your site is performing, and which pages are generating the most traffic. You can manage any of that content or add new content pieces in a snap, and upload videos directly to your site. Automatically push that video to your YouTube channel, or add it to a relevant piece of content—video is proven to increase conversion. We even used DSS to upload and manage the video you’re currently watching!

We provide you with exceptional site architecture to ensure your website is found by search engines, and the conversion elements to ensure your users are turning into leads. With our monthly webinars and ongoing training, you can be sure that you’re staying ahead of any Google updates or web marketing strategies.

Use the Client Feedback Module to help manage your online reputation, and measure email performance through the CRM dashboard. You can see who opened their email, clicked through it, and which emails are converting. We also provide you with chat transcript and the ability to track contact form submission. You can see how your visitors got to your website, and which piece of content converted them.

Our awesome Customer Support team is available from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. ET to answer any of your questions or help you with any issues. We also provide quarterly coaching calls so you can be sure your marketing is effective, and you’re being found online. Use DSS to manage your website, reputation, and to keep the conversation going with social media and email campaigns!

We’ve worked with so many business owners who were duct-taping their website together; they had a CMS like WordPress that required additional programs, plug-ins, or software to effectively market their businesses. These things slowed down their site speed, often broke web pages, and complicated their already busy day. Business owners and their staff have limited time for marketing—after all, they have a business to run. DSS simplifies your life, and lets you manage your marketing from one place.  Our software was created based on suggestions and requests from business owners just like you!  

Want to know if DSS is the right solution for you? Get a free, no-strings-attached DSS Demo!

You’ll be amazed to learn that one tool can offer so much. See how easy it is to simplify your marketing, and get back to your business!

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