Easy to Use Content Management System for Lawyer Sites

This video covers the unique Dynamic Self Service (DSS) feature that Foster Web Marketing websites have. In it, CEO of Foster Web Marketing, Tom Foster, and Virginia DUI and reckless driving speeding Lawyer Bob Battle talk about the details of what DSS can do. 

In short, Dynamic Self Service allows you to change your website without needing Foster Web Marketing to make the changes. Mr. Battle explains that he uses DSS all the time to make changes to his website. He also explains that this is one differentiating feature that his site has over his competitors.

The reason is that search engines reward new, original, and relevant content. Mr. Battle explains that if you put up a new website with new content, you may be top ranked for several months—but if you do not add new content, your ranking usually will fall.

This is why he values DSS so much, because it allows him to add new and original content to remain in the top of search engine rankings. This easy-to-use system is what has allowed Mr. Battle to keep the competitive edge over his competition. The DSS system is constantly being improved and upgraded by the team at Foster Web Marketing. 

Do you want to have a cutting-edge team and system that can provide your firm with the competitive edge? Take advantage of this system and more by calling Foster Web Marketing at 888.886.0939.


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