How to Tag and Title Images on Your Site

Have you ever wondered how you should be titling and tagging your images to achieve better Google rankings? If so, watch this video to get answers from the expert panel representing Foster Web Marketing.

As explained in the video, when you add an ALT tag to an image, make sure that the tag is descriptive of the image. At times, clients will try to stuff the image tag or title full of keywords. However, this is the last thing you want to do. The reason is that the method does not work in a post-Penguin and Panda world.

Google Panda and Google Penguin are names for updated algorithms that Google uses. Panda is the name for the ranking algorithm for search results, and Penguin is the name of an algorithm that lowers the rankings of websites when they do not follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines. One such violation or “black-hat” method is known as keyword stuffing. So, in order to not have your rankings decreased by Google Penguin, it is important to avoid stuffing your image tag or title with keywords.

So, if keyword stuffing is a bad idea, what's the alternative? When tagging and titling your image, you should be accurately describing what the image is about. When doing this, some relevant keywords can be used, but keep it simple.

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