Is Adding Live Chat to My Website a Good Way to Improve Conversion?

Increasingly, people don't chat on the phone—they text, they IM, they email.

And this isn't just with family and friends. When potential clients visit your website, they want the convenience of chatting over instant message. Prospective clients will appreciate chat on your website because:

They Value Privacy: When seeking the advice of an attorney, chances are they would like to keep what is being said private. They don't want to risk being overheard discussing their rocky marriage, precarious financial situation, or recent run-in with the law. Chat allows gun-shy prospective clients to get in touch with you and ask their initial questions without being overheard by an eavesdropper.

In addition, visitors to your website:

Want Mobile Accessibility: With mobile use at an all-time high, many people are using their phones to access your website. This means they are on the go, checking out your site from the office, on the subway, or in a crowded restaurant. If the only way to reach out to you is to call, they may move on to an attorney with chat.

So do we believe that a chat feature on your website will help improve your conversion rates? Absolutely! Our research shows that it actually increases conversion by %40 - and after all, we have chat on our site and know for a fact that it is a highly effective conversion tool.

If you don't have chat yet, don't despair. We can help.

At Foster Web Marketing, we can set you up with a chat button that allows site visitors to reach out in the way that protects their privacy and allows for on-the-go communication. Call 888-886-0939 to get your chat button today.

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