Get the Marketing Training You Need to Attract the Customers, Cases, and Clients Your Business Deserves

You Know You Need to Position Yourself Online So Clients Can Find You

  • You know you need to dominate page one of Google to get the ideal cases.
  • You know that to increase the number of leads, you need to start a web marketing campaign.

What you don’t know is how to do it all. We can help.

There is no secret that the Internet is where people go to find service professionals, including lawyers and doctors. About 97 percent of consumers go online to find local products and services. Does that seem hard to believe? Well, that number came directly from Google!

Whether you are an attorney, a physician, or other highly skilled specialist, you are also a business manager. You know your field well, and that’s great. However, you went to law school or medical school, not business school. You might not be familiar with how to go about creating a web marketing campaign that will attract your dream cases. As it turns out, that's precisely our area of expertise.

At Foster Web Marketing, we value education. We can provide you with everything you need to understand marketing on the Internet. From our webinars to our DVD sets to our in-person training, we have many options that will help you become an expert in the world of online marketing.

Become a Student of the FWM Academy

Throughout the year, we hold two-day web marketing training programs around the country that are packed with information that will help you transform your professional practice into a highly profitable business. Our powerful training through the FWM Academy will teach you everything you need to know to make your website a lead-generating machine. Plus, we will show you how to actually convert those leads into clients.

Some Foster Web Marketing clients are getting great results from just one or two of the hundreds of ideas and strategies in the program! 

The FWM Academy is not for everyone. It is designed specifically for the business manager who wants to use the Internet to explode his or her professional practice. Whether you come to the training personally or send a trusted person from your office, the FWM Academy is something that will change the way you market your business online.

The two days of Web marketing training are rigorous. We cover the topics you need to understand in order to dominate page one of Google and get more cases. After all, isn’t it about the bottom line?

If you would like more information, simply give us a call at 888.886.0939 or check out our FWM Academy information page. 

Let Us Bring Education to Your Doorstep

Web Marketing TrainingIf getting away from the office for in-person web marketing training is impossible, don’t worry. We have created an educational set that allows you to learn all there is to know about web marketing.

The DVD and CD sets include the same great information that is covered during the in-person training. The FWM Academy set includes 10 DVDs/CDs, a comprehensive textbook and worksheets that will help you create a powerful Web marketing campaign. 

Our team of experts covers valuable information in this program—insightful tips that you won’t find elsewhere! 

If you would like more information, simply give us a call at 888.886.0939.

Monthly Webinars Tailored for Your Business

Each month, we present informative and practical webinars—Internet seminars—to help you succeed. The topics are based on what is most relevant to you and your practice and the hottest industry news. The presenters vary each month, but each instructor is trained and knowledgeable in the inner workings of web marketing.

Each webinar is one hour long and you are given the opportunity to ask questions. These webinars are free of charge to our clients. You can view past recordings on our Webinar page.

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When it comes to web marketing for business leaders, things are always changing and evolving. The tactics that worked yesterday could be outdated tomorrow. That is why we constantly update our article library and blog with the latest news on Internet marketing. Our experienced team contributes regularly to the content, ensuring you will be on the forefront of contemporary web marketing developments. Whether you need to a “how-to” guide, tips on what to do next, or just want to read about the recent changes with Google, you will find what you are looking for.