World of Marketing 24: Kevin Mottley, the 7 Figure Man

Lawyers who focus on niche practice areas know that building relationships with other attorneys is critical to their success. Referrals connect lawyers and result in putting cases in the right hands.

Title card with Kevin Mottley on the left and Tom Foster on the right

If you let others know the types of cases you specialize in and keep reminding them of that through your marketing, you set yourself up for potential success. Virginia Attorney Kevin Mottley recently settled a seven-figure traumatic brain injury case, which came to him through a referral from a law school classmate. Kevin and Tom talked about his love of these challenging cases, and how he keeps his referral sources in the loop throughout the process.

Kevin is currently developing systems for brain injury litigation and writing a book about the mistakes lawyers make when they refer cases. How do you make sure other lawyers know your name and the types of cases you handle? Find out how Kevin nurtures his referral relationships to keep growing his business.

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