Lawyer Website SEO Works for Large and Small Firms Alike

This video features Tom Foster, CEO of Foster Web Marketing, and Virginia DUI and reckless driving speeding lawyer Bob Battle, as they discuss search engine optimization (SEO). 

Mr. Battle explains that he has almost no working knowledge of SEO. Instead, what he does recognize is the importance that SEO has for his practice and the importance of being top ranked on search engines. For example, when he searches for keywords on Google that are of value to his firm, he sees that he is on page one. 

The result of this kind of ranking, along with his other marketing tools, is that his phone is practically constantly ringing. Mr. Battle credits this success to the working relationship that he has with Foster Web Marketing.  

In order to accomplish his page one rankings, he has relied on the expertise of the Foster Web Marketing team. Mr. Battle first started working with Foster Web Marketing in 2006. He approached Tom after being told by another online marketing company that Bob Battle Law could never be ranked higher than larger firms because he has a solo practice. 

When Mr. Battle and Tom first met, they had a shared view that the internet rewards content. If you are willing to present the useful information that people need, you can become top ranked. 

Do you want a results-driven approach that can bring your firm to the top of Google searches? Do so by working with lawyer website SEO firm Foster Web Marketing. Call today at 888.886.0939.

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