World of Marketing 50: Protecting Your Email Reputation With Toby Crandall

Nobody said marketing is easy. But there are tools that can help you along the way.

Email marketing is a critical piece of a successful business strategy. Toby Crandall, chief technology officer at Foster Web Marketing, said, “An email reputation is a lot like your credit score.” Toby and Tom talked about exciting new upgrades to the email dashboard in DSS that will dramatically improve delivery for clients.

Toby said other systems look at addresses after an email is sent, but FWM looks at them upfront before they can actually hurt your reputation. Are your emails being read and getting to the right people? Find out how these DSS changes will improve your email score and open rates.

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Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS) is our powerful marketing automation platform that allows you to efficiently grow your practice and maximize your marketing revenue. You can easily manage your website, traffic, leads, email marketing, reputation, social media, and local listings with DSS, giving you more power and control over your marketing than other website and content management systems.

DSS backs every website we build, so you and your team always have that power at your fingertips. If you’ve fought with Wordpress templates in the past or had to jump through hoops to make changes to your website, you’re really going to appreciate what DSS can do for your business.