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We know that web-marketing companies persistently tempt you with the promise of Page One ranking overnight, and will “take care” of your Google+ Local ranking and miraculously get you where you want. They make you question everything we have been telling you.… Sound Familiar?

So, how do you know whom to trust when it is hard to have faith in anyone to tell you the real deal when it comes to SEO?

Understanding the nuances of Search Engine Optimization is more of a skill today than ever before, and doing it the right way is dependent on understanding the internet marketing landscape as a whole and the moving target of organic and local search, including game-changers such as Google+ Local and Author Tags, and how social media is more important than ever.

Worried that you may be getting advice that will lead you down the path of unethical, "black hat" SEO? Watch the video above for more information and then check out our SEO report to see how we can help you succeed on the web with ethical SEO.

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