World of Marketing 22: What Happens When You Find the Right Fit With Todd Baldwin

No matter what type of business you run, relationships matter. If you want clients to keep returning to your business and referring you to others, you need to focus on what makes them happy.

Title card with pictures of Todd Baldwin and Tom Foster

Passion and enthusiasm play a significant role in attracting and retaining clients. Todd Baldwin, owner of WT Clothiers, uses his lifelong love of clothing to help others look and feel better about themselves. Todd and Tom talked about how he doesn’t have to chase business anymore because of the success of his studio and his website.

Todd likes to say, “Come for the clothes, stay for the entertainment” because he knows his success lies in making the customer happy. What do you do to make your clients feel valued? Find out how Todd has found success in focusing on the people, not the clothes.

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We’ve been crafting custom websites and strategic marketing plans since Al Gore invented the Internet, we got that part covered; we also know that the only way for our clients to succeed is if we work together as a TEAM to address the following goals:

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