Coming to our green screen studio in Fairfax to shoot video can be a bit intimidating. Standing in front of a camera to talk about yourself, your business, or your services is a lot different from a causal conversation! However, if you are prepared for your video shoot, I guarantee you will feel much more comfortable.

Jim Folliard of Gearshift Studios (partner of Foster Web Marketing) and I created this video to help you understand exactly what you can expect when you arrive. We've included a tour of the office and video studio to familiarize you with the space. The studio has enough space to produce a video with a number of people, or we can focus on just one speaker. This is how we typically shoot videos for the web—one person from the waist up. This way, we can focus on you so your audience does not get distracted. And, this leaves room on the screen to include other Attorney Kevin Mottley Talking About FWMvaluable information!

We have many people come to the studio and ask us what they should talk about. We're always happy to give you tips and suggestions, but you should absolutely come prepared! Think about what you want to accomplish before you come in. Know the topics you want to discuss and practice talking about them in a causal and natural manner. If you're nervous about this, don't worry! Jim will interview you, asking questions that will lead to a natural answer so you don't look like a deer caught in headlights.

I'm the first to admit I've made some poor wardrobe choices for a video shoot. Don't make the same mistake! Wear solid colors, and no bright green! You might end up looking like a floating head if you match the studio backdrop.  

If you don't like to talk "off the cuff," consider a script for the teleprompter. We can create one for you and send it to you ahead of time so you can practice reading it in a natural way.

Once you're done with your video shoot, Jim and his team of editors will take your best clips and send you "raw" footage. You can select the clips you prefer, and we'll turn those into beautiful, seamless, and smooth videos! We will then help you or your marketing team upload them to your website and share them on social media.

Almost all of the employees at Foster Web Marketing have shot video at one time or another. We know how nerve-racking it can be, but if you come prepared, you have nothing to worry about! I hope this video has helped to explain the process and make you more comfortable with your upcoming video shoot. We look forward to seeing you here!

Alternatively, we can come to your office if you would prefer. Check out our on-site video examples and rates.

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