In this episode of World of Marketing, I interview Tim Bedford of Ruby, the leading live virtual receptionist and chat company many of our lawyers and podiatrists use to answer their phones and respond to web-based chats.

I talk to Tim about how Ruby does things differently to make sure you get only the best clients (and those who aren’t don’t waste your time).

Ruby is a great resource for many of our clients. From solo practices to big firms, all enjoy the benefits of having their phones and chats answered so they can focus more on their businesses.

Here’s what we cover in this podcast:

0:00​ Introduction of Tim Bedford,
2:29​ Tim breaks down for me exactly what Ruby does.
5:49​ Quality Services Here. Tim tells me how they answer the phones.
9:46​ Going Virtual? How has COVID affected answering the phones?
11:33​ Why Use Ruby Over Hiring Your Own Receptionist? (I learned a lot here.)
16:27​ Getting Quality Leads. Ruby will qualify your calls, so your time is not wasted.
18:38​ Automate to Save Time. We talk about how NJ solo attorney Steve Richardson uses Ruby to automate his intake.
21:43​ It’s Worth It. OMG, it’s really not that expensive at all compared to a full-time employee, but you be the judge!
25:55​ How to Work With Ruby. Tim tells us how to engage and get started right away.

Enjoy and all the best,


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