Many attorneys make the mistake of spending lots of time on the body of an article and then jotting down a quick web page title at the last second when they post their content. In reality, your title is equally important to your content when it comes to SEO.

Are you making any of these common title-writing mistakes on your attorney website?

Writing titles that are too long.

Google will only display the first 70 character of a web page title, and readers don’t have very long attention spans, either. Keep your title short and sweet but detailed. Save space by leaving out your law firm name.

Keyword stuffing titles.

This SEO trick worked really, really well—in the year 2000. These days, keyword stuffing is frowned upon and punished by search engine bots and human readers alike. Use one good, relevant keyword and leave it at that.

Reusing titles for multiple pages. 

Search engines use titles to figure out what your page is about. If your title is too general or irrelevant, it will greatly harm your page’s SEO. In addition, a boring, generic title will also fail to attract readers.

Not thinking about the reader.

Don’t just write titles for search engine bots. Write titles for readers who were genuinely seeking information and answers when they searched for your page. A title should be exciting, interesting, and answer a reader concern.

At Foster Web Marketing, we can train you to write SEO-optimized titles that improve your traffic and your business. Alternatively, our marketing team can provide you with high-quality content that includes optimized, effective titles. 

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