Even the biggest and best marketing visionaries lean on their teams when they need to. They’re the people you look to when you want to turn your ideas into reality—or when you’ve just run out of hours in the day to do it all yourself.

The problem is that as clear as your marketing vision might be in your head, not everyone is a “natural-born marketer.” And, even if they are sometimes spookily good at what they do, the people on your team aren’t psychic. 

Your team can’t do what they don’t know, and they simply cannot reach the goals you set for them if they don't know the strategy and the tactics to achieve them. 

Even the most amazing team can suffer from a simple lack of focus and marketing know-how. 

(Maybe this isn't for you, maybe your team is running perfectly.)

But for those of you who aren't sure if that’s what’s going on with your practice?

4 Signs You've Got a Problem: 

  1. You feel like you’re working in a vacuum. 
    If you have people ready and willing to work for you, why do you do it all yourself? A lot of attorneys end up taking on too many marketing tasks themselves because they don’t know how to get their team up to speed on everything they need to know—or just don’t have time to.
  2. You feel like the blind leading the blind. 
    Maybe you’re just starting your marketing journey, and there’s a lot YOU don’t know about how to make your marketing work for you. You and your team are learning together, but no one has answers when things don’t work out as planned. 
  3. It seems like everyone is working toward different goals. 
    Your team pitches in on marketing tasks, but it seems like everyone has a different opinion on what to do and how it should be done. It’s like everyone is going in totally different directions!
  4. Your marketing constantly gets pushed down the priority list. 
    Do your best marketing ideas stall out because you can’t figure out what happens next? Do you spend more time asking and answering questions about marketing than you do actually DOING the marketing? When it’s hard to move forward, it gets easy to move those tasks to the bottom of the list.  

Marketing Always Works Better When Everyone Works Together, and There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel 

Need a partner that will hone your team’s marketing skills? Want to get hands-on training for your entire staff that will improve the way you market your business? Send your team to learn one-on-one with the experts.  

Schedule an in-office training session with FWM.

No one starts out knowing how to market a law firm or medical practice. Even when you or someone on your team has some experience in marketing, it’s not necessarily the kind of custom marketing that will apply to your practice.

Get your team involved NOW and get everyone on the same page. When everyone on your team knows exactly what they should be doing and why, you free yourself without giving up the push for the cases and clients you want. 

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