5 Reasons Why Lawyers Need To Use Web Video NOW

#1 Video Use is Exploding!

  • 62% of Americans are Viewing Videos Online
  • The industry credits broadband penetration as the key factor pushing online video viewing higher.
  • Among those ages 18-29 (your current and future client base):
  • 89% say they watch online video
  • 36% reported they watch Web video every day.
  • Mobile video viewing is also on the rise, with 14% reporting they have watched a video on their phone, up from 10% in 2007.
  • Uploads to YouTube grew 400% the day the new iPhone was released.

#2 Video is Educational!

  • 48% use it to understand more about a subject or topic important for their business and finding out more about a particular product or service.
  • 28% use it to check out the competition
  • 16% use it to research companies to try and find a supplier of products or services

#3 People LIKE Video!

  • Viewers get to See You -Just like TV, they will be compelled to watch... -IF the message is what they want -not what you want!
  • Hear You -Celebrities exist because they are SEEN and HEARD
  • Familiarity Breeds TRUST -People want to trust who they are working with -Especially with so many marketing messages

#4 Video is REQUIRED!

  • The Internet is killing the Yellow Pages
  • Video will kill websites that are STATIC (cannot be updated)
  • Video will kill websites that are BORING (all about you)
  • Video will kill websites are THE SAME as your competition
  • Video will BLOW UP WEBSITES that are getting traffic


  • YouTube is driving your target customers either TO YOU OR AWAY FROM YOU TO YOUR COMPETITION!
  • Hello!, There are 124 million active YouTube users (as of this posting...)
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