1. Podiatrist Introduction Videos Set Potential Patients at Ease

People look for podiatrists that are qualified to treat their foot and ankle issues. But, even more so, they look for podiatrists that they like and can see themselves working with. When they visit your website or run into your practice on social media, they’re typically not asking where you went to school or what kinds of accolades you’ve earned. Instead, they want to know if you’re friendly. They want to know if you’re trustworthy. And they want to know if you’ll be empathetic and caring when they’re in their most vulnerable moments. 

That’s exactly why videos that introduce your doctors make such a big difference. On video, people can hear your voice and see your face. They can see how you talk about complex issues and get a sneak peek of what it might be like to work with you. And, ultimately, a video introduction is more memorable and makes a stronger impression than just text on a bio page. 

2. Staff Highlights Build Relationships Even Before the First Appointment

Don’t stop at just your doctors, though. Your nurses, staff, and assistants are the people your patients tend to spend most of their time interacting with. And people know that—no matter how good the podiatrist is—it’s really the staff that can make or break their experience at your office. 

So, go ahead and create some videos with your staff. Highlight your office manager or main receptionist. Interview a few of the people that your patients speak with the most. Show them that you’re a great practice because you have a great team that cares about your patients and wants them to have a great experience. 

A great staff and supporting team are what can really differentiate you from other local competitors. And the real benefit of video is that it creates an instant connection with potential new patients that encourages them to put their trust in your practice. 

3. Give a Quick Tour of Your Podiatry Practice

While you’re introducing yourself and your staff, why not introduce your office, too? A quick video tour of your office is a chance to show your staff at work, introduce your services, familiarize potential patients with your space, and cement yourself as a real and approachable practice.

These kinds of video tours help people learn about your practice, and they also calm anxiety and help new patients understand what to expect when they schedule an appointment with you. 

4. Video Testimonials Are Compelling and Memorable

Happy patients telling other people about their experiences with you are some of your biggest marketing assets. So, along with text-based testimonials and a great review profile, why not add some video testimonials to your marketing mix?

Even a handful of testimonial videos can be powerful conversion tools for your practice. New patients are already looking at your reviews and asking friends and family if they’ve ever heard of you. A video testimonial is even more compelling because it feels more authentic than a text-based review and gives happy patients a chance to tell their own story, in their own words. 

5. “Explainer” Videos Educate Patients About Conditions and Treatments

Before people start looking for a podiatrist online, they tend to research their symptoms and try to find out more about what might happen when they do see a doctor. That’s why it’s so important to educate potential clients, explain common symptoms and causes, and talk about potential treatment options. If you’re the podiatry practice that was there with answers when they needed them, it’s highly likely that you’ll also be the practice they choose when they’re ready to book an appointment. 

And, of course, video is the unrivaled medium for explaining complex topics. Whether you’re using props, recording while you draw on a whiteboard, or talking viewers through an on-screen infographic, video brings your topics to life and improves how much of the information viewers retain after watching. You can use these videos alone or as visual aids alongside written content, and you can share them on social media sites (including YouTube) to expand your reach and get people interested in your practice.  

6. Use Video to Show Your Podiatry Patients What to Expect

Along with the “explainer” videos we talked about above, you might consider actually showing people what their treatment might look like. For example, patients might think that “laser treatment” sounds scary or painful, and it can be difficult to picture the treatment just from reading about it. A short video that shows you performing laser treatment can instantly set people at ease and give them a better idea of what to expect. 

Similarly, intake videos can be a great way to make sure that patients come to their appointments prepared. Whether you use video with your website’s appointment-scheduling chatbot or send out a video to help patients prepare for a procedure, your videos can play a big part in making your patients feel good about working with you and confident in their choice. 

7. Create Videos for Social Media and Paid Advertising

Your website is a great place to use video, but don’t forget about the power of video on social media platforms and in paid advertising. It’s easy to ignore static text posts and ad graphics, and most people are used to scrolling right on by. But video ads immediately draw them in and get them engaged. 

So, the next time you’re trying to come up with ideas for a new campaign or wondering what to post on Facebook, give video a try. For the most part, these can be short videos that get right to the heart of the service you’re promoting and speak directly to your potential patients’ pain points.  

This is also a place where the magic of video editing can play a big part. A great video editor can help you break up longer videos, add on-screen elements and calls to action, and create perfect “bite-sized” videos that are easy to share and quick to watch. By repurposing your existing videos for social media or ad campaigns, you can save time and money. And your audience still gets interesting content that raises awareness of your brand and compels them to click through.  

8. Use Video to Offer Webinars and Record Live Events

You might also consider putting together an educational webinar or recording some quick video at any live events your practice participates in with your local community. 

For example, you might record a webinar about how runners can protect themselves from injuries, which is awesome for making connections with live attendees and for sending out via email to interested people that couldn’t make it in person. 

It’s also a great idea to shoot a little video when you’re out in the community or hosting charitable events. For example, a few candid clips of your staff educating people at a local health fair or collecting donations for a food drive are perfect for sharing, and they help humanize your practice and show that you care about your local community. 

Build a Better Video Marketing Strategy With Experts That “Get” You

The ideas above are really just a foundation that will get you started with a great mix of videos to use on your website and in your marketing materials. But don’t think that this is an exhaustive list. Our podiatry clients have used video in all kinds of creative and compelling ways to market their practices, and we’re happy to offer the support you need. Whether it’s workshopping ideas, writing scripts, recording high-quality footage, editing your video to perfection, or adding other post-production touches that give you that professional look and feel, we’re here for you. We can even give you a hand with optimizing and promoting your videos to maximize the return on your investment!  

Ready to incorporate more video into your marketing strategy? Have ideas for videos that we haven’t listed above? Reach out to us at 888.886.0939 or learn more about our podiatry video packages here. Our friendly video production team works with podiatry practices every day to create and optimize videos that attract new patients and make a great impression.


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