Keywords are the key to unlocking the potential of your attorney search engine marketing campaign. Relevant, specific keywords have an impact on so many aspects of online marketing, including your written content (homepage, practice areas, articles, blog posts, news, etc.), pay-per-click advertising, and even your images and videos! The real trick of it, though, is to find out what words people are searching with and which keywords will bring in users who are also potential clients.

How Can I Choose Great Keywords?

The best way to start thinking about keywords for your attorney search engine marketing campaign is to put yourself in your clients’ shoes and think about what you might type into a search engine. Think about the questions, concerns, and frustrations you frequently hear from clients, and start from there. When selecting words and phrases for your content, make sure you:

  • Remember location. When searching for a lawyer, most people will start by looking for someone who is local. Adding your city, state, or county to your keyword phrases will help direct local traffic to your website.
  • Think about different ways to say the same thing. Some say ‘po-tay-to’; some say ‘po-tah-to.’ Likewise, some users will type in “Kentucky divorce attorney,” and some users will type in “child custody lawyer in Kentucky.” Consider alternates to your keywords to help potential clients find you in their own words.
  • Take advantage of search engine tools. There are many tools available to help you determine which words and phrases brought users to your site and how effective those keywords are. Online marketing allows you to access all kinds of tools and statistics that help you determine the best keywords to use.

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