Client Testimonials: Anxiety-Reducing Power—Without the Side Effects!

While it isn't likely that a visit to your site will trigger a full-blown panic attack, people usually experience some level of anxiety when they come to your site. They need help or want a certain product, and they worry that they won't make the right decision. If you do nothing to soothe this anxiety, they will quickly leave your site and find someone who can assure them that they are making the right choice. 

Testimonials and Their Anti-Anxiety Properties

Woman Taking PillTo calm customers’ fears, I suggest utilizing the best anti-anxiety website-design pill I know of: testimonials. When used right, testimonials have the power to effectively soothe the anxiety of a customer or client.

To increase the impact of your testimonials, review your pages with these four principles in mind:

  1. Specificity: Client testimonials should address very specific sources of customer anxiety. They need to assure site visitors that, by choosing your business, they are getting a good deal—and that your services or goods are worth the cost. Dosing recommendations: To ensure that your testimonials are specific enough to reduce anxiety, sort them into categories and apply them to the most relevant pages.
  2. Proximity: To adequately assuage customer anxiety, use testimonials on both your site pages and during the buying process. Dosing recommendations: A testimonial that speaks directly to cost justification will relieve more anxiety if it's placed where price is first mentioned. Another cost-justification testimonial should be positioned on either the first page of the checkout process or the contact page. Doing so says, "Don't worry about the cost, this attorney/doctor/product is worth every penny!"  
  3. Intensity: You need to decide just how intense anxiety about purchasing your goods or services really is. If this is a high-stress decision for many of your clients or customers, you need to provide highly reassuring testimonials. Dosing recommendations: Consider the intensity of the testimonial—is it powerful enough to over-correct for anxiety and address the substance and perception of their fears?
  4. Authority: Any testimonials you include should carry a certain amount of authority. While all well-written—or spoken—testimonials are good, a review from a recognizable name is better. Dosing recommendations: A testimonial from a local celebrity or government figure carries much more weight than one from an Average Jane. By using the most reputable brands or names and as much detail as possible, your testimonials will be both authoritative and highly motivating.

Are you using testimonials correctly? If not, we can help. Our team can assist you in gathering and distributing powerful testimonials and dramatically increasing your conversion rates. To find out how, call 888-886-0939 today.


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