Client Testimonials Should Be Included in Your Attorney Web Design

We understand that state bar associations have different rules and regulations regarding client testimonials. However, if possible, we do recommend that you include a client testimonials section as part of your attorney Web design.

Why Testimonials are Important

You may have impressive case results, a law degree from Harvard and a strong legal background, but saying how great you are, is not always an effective strategy. When people need legal services, they simply want to know if you can help. They also want to know if they will have a good experience working with your law firm. A testimonial from one of your satisfied clients will go a long way. Let your clients explain how great you are, it is far more powerful.

What Makes a Good Testimonial

When you request testimonials from your clients, remember that the more details that are provided, the better. A one-sentence statement may not have your desired result. In fact, it might look like a made-up testimonial. Make sure that your testimonials expound upon your clients’ experience with your firm.

If you can obtain video testimonials from your clients, it will be even more powerful. A video testimonial will give a personal feel and convey emotion that a written testimonial cannot. Make sure your attorney Web design has the capability to incorporate video.

To find out what it takes to create an effective website that includes client testimonials, contact us today at 888.886.0939.

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