Dispelling Online Video Marketing Myths: The Truth Revealed

In your conversations about considering an online video marketing campaign for your law office, you might have gotten a mixed bag of advice from consultants, colleagues, and friends. Chances are that you also hear a few common video marketing myths. Fortunately, we’re here to debunk the myths and establish the truth – and hopefully clear up any confusion you might have about lawyer videos and online marketing. Below, we’ve shared the most common video marketing myths we’ve heard.

Myth #1: Online video is a passing trend.

Has someone tried to tell you that online video is a passing trend or fad and that you better not jump on the bandwagon with everyone else? The numbers simply don’t agree with them. Video is not only becoming increasingly popular on the web, it is also taking the place of television viewing. In the past four months, 100 million people have watched online video – and that number is rising sharply. With the growing popularity of smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, online video is only expected to get more popular.

Myth #2: Because of slow computer connections, no one likes watching online video.

This fact used to hold water, but it is becoming less and less true with each passing day. In the past, when more people were dialing up to get to the web, watching video could be a slow and frustrating process. But, today, the majority of users have high-speed connections and great bandwidth. The days of waiting an eternity for videos to load are mostly in our past.

Myth #3: The quality of your sound and lighting doesn’t have to be that great.

Some people make the argument that Americans are used to low-quality video because of YouTube – and that, because of this, you don’t have to put time, effort, and money into your attorney videos. We have found that this is not the case: looking professional is an important part of every law firm’s marketing strategy – and having professional lawyer videos is just as important as dressing well and caring for your office.

Attorney Video Marketing Experts

When you are wondering about the real truth about attorney online video marketing, look toward the results: we have found that high-quality, thoughtful, and relevant video can propel your law office forward and leave your competition in the dust. To learn more about getting video on your lawyer website, call Foster Web Marketing today at 888-886-0939.

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