Don't Scream About the Broken Links on Your Site—Use a Frog

Screaming FrogI know that all the animal-named Google updates have you on edge. But don't worry; this frog isn't another Google update. It's actually a website that offers many tools that can help you identify problems on your website. So if you're wondering how to best identify broken links and defective page elements on your website, we recommend using the free services at Screaming Frog. Here, we will cover the two SEO tools that we love best on Screaming Frog:

  1. Digging out broken links. Broken links drain your SEO power and impact your sites usability. By using the broken link tool, you can easily root out all of the broken link problems on your site. While you can do this with Google Webmaster Tools, they are often slow to show the link fixes you've made. Screaming Frog, on the other hand, recognizes your fixes much faster.  
  2. Identifying defective page elements. When Screaming Frog crawls your site, it will identify any defective elements—videos that don't play, buttons that don't click, etc. Just like broken links, defective page elements can affect your site’s ranking on Google and turn off site visitors.

Still Feel Like Screaming?

If you used the above tools and still feel like screaming and running away from your computer, give us a call. Our attorney and physician SEO team can give you a free site audit, which will identify not only broken links, but usability issues, bad backlinks, and duplicate content. We will then give you the suggestion on how to fix the issues on your website or, if you wish, can take over the process for you, creating a website that helps you not only meet your marketing goals, but exceed them. Call 888-886-0939 today to get started.

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