Keeping Your Search Results on the Straight and Narrow Path

There is the common way to search using Google, which is used the majority of the time: you type in the topic you are searching for, and your search results appear. If you are searching for "Curtis Stone" from the show "Take Home Chef," then you would type his name and a variety of results would appear, such as his personal website, images, Wikipedia, a cooking site, and Facebook. Basically, if his name appears on a site, then you will receive that result.

Now comes the "Advanced" search through Google. This type of search uses certain query words and special punctuation to bring up a more specific type of result. Some of these are technical, while others are pretty basic, such as searching for the weather in a specific area. You could type "weather:Big Bear," and your results page would reveal all the weather pages found for Big Bear. Another common one is searching for a definition. Type  "define: souffle," and you will receive the exact definition of soufflé at the top and additional dictionary sites.

Here is a list of alternate query types:
  • cache: - Google will highlight the words typed after cache within the cached document
  • link: - will list web pages that have links to the specified web page
  • related: - will list web pages similar to the specified web page
  • info: - will list information that Google has about that web page
  • stocks: - Google will treat the rest of the query terms as stock ticker symbols (you must type the ticker symbols, not the company name)
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When you are looking for a specific type of search result, the most proficient way to do so is by using Google's advanced search tools. Do not waste time by just typing in a few keywords and rummaging through thousands of results. Think about what you actually need, and then use the proper query word or punctuation needed. 
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