In a recent interview, head of Google spam team Matt Cutts talked about the Google Penguin update and stated that “It’s been a success from our standpoint.” But if Penguin has been such a success, why are so many people reporting problems with the update and a big impact on small businesses?


Cutts responded that in many cases, the problems attributed to Penguin were actually around long before the update. Although there may have been some cases where websites were unfairly penalized in the update, Cutts says the effects have been mild, for the most part. According to Cutts, Google has spotted some things that warrant further investigation, but that “this change hasn’t had the same impact as Panda or Florida.”


The Penguin update was intended to weed out spammy websites and sites using tricky SEO tactics, and it was developed to be very specific. If your website’s ranking suffered on April 24, 2012, then you may need to take a long, hard look at your own attorney SEO practices before pointing the finger at Penguin. Make sure you are cleaning up any spammy links and content, and pay attention to how you get external links to your attorney website.


In fact, many of the websites that suffered after Penguin were those who engaged in more “black hat” SEO tactics or who had bad linking practices. If your website slid down in ranking, but you’re pretty sure you are doing everything else right, then your links might be the problem.


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I was reading a good amount of blog posts that discussed the probability of failure for the new google penguin update. Will the Penguin watch more black hat spammers than regular bloggers? These burgeoning types of marketing strategies will experience evolution in the near future. I hope we have to wait a long time before google puts out another update.
by Giana Forzareli October 4, 2012 at 09:14 AM
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