Google's Hummingbird Has Just Remodeled Search—Is Your Internet Home up to Snuff?

Google recently released its newest update: the Hummingbird. This update ripped apart Google's search algorithm—a mathematical formula used to calculate search engine rankings—leaving only the bare bones of its original method of creating search results.

The Hummingbird Highlights as a Construction Foreman

Renovation WordsWhile we maintained our own internet homes by building our online presence and analyzing our marketing efforts, the Hummingbird was busy making big changes in its own house. Google's Hummingbird knocked down walls, ripped out carpet, and stripped wallpaper. With an eye for the future, and for the needs of the searcher, she started over from the studs, completely changing the layout of modern search.

When the Hummingbird was done and the construction dust had settled, Google's search algorithm had:

  • Modern appliances. Like SIRI, Google hopes that the Hummingbird update will allow users to get highly personalized, conversational search results. So if you click the microphone icon in the search bar and ask, "What's the address of the nearest Big Boy Burger?" Google will give you both a written answer "card" and reply out loud, "The nearest Big Boy Burgers is 15 miles away." That's cool, but to make it truly conversational, Google went a step further. If you then ask, "How long will it take me to get there?" Google will answer, "It will take you 20 minutes to get to the closest Big Boy Burger." You didn't have to ask how long it would take you to get to Big Boy Burger because Google understood what you were asking. Pretty cool, right? The addition of conversation search will help Google keep up with the rise in mobile use and meet the demands of an increasingly tech-savvy population.   
  • Fresh paint. Instead of matching the exact search phrase in the search bar, the Hummingbird searches for the meaning behind each of the words in the phrase. This is known as semantic search and will give results that are fresh and customized. The Hummingbird takes each word, looks for alternate meanings and synonyms, and deciphers the intent behind your search. So, instead of just giving you results that contain the exact phrase you typed into the search bar, the Hummingbird gives you more custom, accurate search results than ever before. .
  • Strong foundation. Google didn't tear down its entire house; it left the parts that still work. Because of this, and because of its many other updates, many people didn't even notice the change. The only websites that took a hit were those that didn't heed all the eviction notices Google had sent out and continued to produce keyword-stuffed, poorly written content.

Now that we have a better understanding of the changes the Hummingbird has made, it's time to turn our attention to our own virtual homes. Will they pass the stringent building codes the Hummingbird has enacted?

Will Your Website Pass Inspection?

The Hummingbird has an eye for quality. So you need to ask yourself, “When the Hummingbird buzzes past my attorney website, will she stop and take notice or fly off to my competition?” To make sure your website has the “wow” factor Google is looking for:

  • Clean your house. Get rid of or edit any musty, keyword-crowded content that's currently on your website.
  • Pick a palette. Focus on your unique selling proposition, and make it work for you.
  • Improve your curb appeal. All of your content—this goes for your website and your social media postings—needs to speak to and attract your target market. Know what they want to read, and give them the answers to their most frequently asked questions.
  • Attend to details. Every sentence you craft and every piece you post should be flawlessly executed and well thought out. Only post interesting, shareable content.

What We Think About the Hummingbird's Renovation

At Foster Web Marketing, we are excited about the update. We have been preaching high-quality content, effective branding, and user engagement for many years. Between the Hummingbird update and Google's decision to do away with organic search results, it's crystal clear that the only way to win the internet marketing game is to create custom content that appeals to your ideal client.

To learn more about how to create beautiful content and attract any animal Google releases, call 888-886-0939. Our attorney SEO team can help you renovate your website and build a strong, attractive attorney web marketing plan.

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