Mobilegeddon Is Here!
Has Google’s Latest Update
Put Your Website in the Crosshairs?

Your marketing program fails when your site is not mobile-friendlyIt’s finally here…the clouds have parted, people are flooding the streets, and there’s a guy on the corner wearing a sandwich board confirming that The End Is Near. This is Mobilegeddon—and no website is safe!

At least, that is what many news sites have been claiming ever since Google announced its latest mobile update. While Google’s new algorithm that evaluates websites based on mobile-friendliness has fully rolled out, it’s far from the end of the world—in fact, business owners and other professionals can save their websites from purgatory with a few well-placed clicks.

Embracing Mobilegeddon Can Give Your Website an Edge

Although it sounds scary, the Mobilegeddon update can give attorneys, doctors, and other professionals an advantage over the competition. Some of the most beautiful and engaging websites won’t translate to a tiny smartphone screen, leading mobile users to look elsewhere for their information. A well-made mobile site will receive a ranking boost in Google’s mobile search results, making it more likely that customers will find and stay on your site.

How does your website make the transition from big screen to small screen? Time for a quick audit!

  • Go online. Google offers a tool to test your website to see if it is considered mobile-friendly. It is worth noting that this tool will evaluate only the page assigned to the URL, not the entire website, so it is a good idea to test your homepage and each landing page of your website to make sure your site is approved across the board.
  • Use your phone. How many times in a day have you found an address or business using only your smartphone? Your customers are doing the same thing, and you need to see what they see. Your homepage may show up on a smartphone, but faulty redirects, unplayable content, and 404 messages won’t be worth the headache to your customers, even if you’re the best person for the job.
  • Look deeper. Even if you have been given Google’s coveted “mobile-friendly” tag, your mobile site still may not be entirely user-friendly. Remember: your website is read by both robots and humans, and it should pass both tests with flying colors. Click through a few links on your mobile site as if you were a person looking for fast information. Is there a lag on the loading speed? Are your video links broken? If this was someone else’s site, would you have clicked away by now?

The Changes You Make Today Can Improve Your Mobile Ranking in Hours

If your site is missing the important mobile-friendly label, the good news is that you are just a few hours away from improving your ranking. The mobile algorithm operates in real-time, so Google will continually crawl your web pages and adjust rankings based on the adjustments you make. With the right changes, Google could potentially change your status to mobile-friendly in a matter of hours.

Don’t just guess at which mobile website updates you need to reach your customers. At Foster Web Marketing, we evaluate your desktop site to create a matching mobile platform that is easy to use (and easy to find). Call 866-460-3724 to have our development team get started on your new mobile site!

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