Attracting Pollinators Makes Your Website Bear Fruit for Your Law Firm

As spring drifts into summer, garden flowers are busy attracting the pollinators they need to become bountiful fruit at harvest time. And, like a garden, your website relies on attracting readers to gain visibility and become fruitful for your law firm.

When users are buzzing around Google searching for the right answers to their questions, they are most attracted to websites that have adapted with their needs and preferences in mind. When they visit your website and leave with the information they need, they’ve helped you increase your visibility and set you up for success. They may even share that information-rich “pollen” with others who are searching for help.

Attracting perfect clients is your number-one goal in digital marketing. Do you know what attracts bees to plants and readers to websites? As it turns out, the pollinators of your website have a lot in common with the pollinators of your garden, at least where attraction is concerned.

Attractive Website Design Signals That There Is Value Inside

Bee on a flower symbolizing quality content

The shape and color of flowers are part of what lures bees inside, and many have adapted their structures over time to become the perfect “bait” for their pollinator of choice. Visual and textual cues play this role on your website, so make sure they are adapted for the kinds of clients you want to attract. Provide something in your design that they can instantly see and know they have either found what they were looking for or are on the right path.

Every page that readers can land on matters. Instead of focusing solely on your homepage design, make sure every content page sends out the right signals to your perfect clients. Which pages attract the most relevant users and why? Basically, you need to see your pages through your user's eyes and provide signs that they’re on the right track, no matter where they enter your website. Find out how to make conversion the focus of your website.

Fragrance Keeps Pollinators Moving Through Your Website Content

In the old days of digital marketing, the belief was that users would not stay on your website looking for information for longer than three clicks. However, the truth is that they will continue digging deeper into your website as long as they know they are getting closer to their goal. It’s up to you to provide the scent for them to follow.

This doesn’t mean you should bury important information behind confusing navigation. Instead, the goal is to link together compelling, relevant content and present it to readers who want to learn more. Test out your website and review your analytics data. Are you are providing a good “scent trail,” or are your users are getting lost along the way? When you watch others use your site, do they often have to click on the back button or resort to search bar? When users are done reading a page, do they know where to go next?

By keeping visitors engaged and providing a kind of “scent trail,” you can keep them moving through your website and “pollinating” other pages. Don’t forget to also include calls to action that help visitors beeline toward the goal.

Website Visitors Should Leave With Valuable Nectar and Pollen

Bees visit flowers because they are looking for the nectar and pollen that they need to take back to the hive. If there isn’t any nectar when they get there, they’re going to be disappointed, and they probably won’t come back.

It only makes sense that, once your visitors have landed on your website and crawled inside, they should find something of value to them. Whether it is the answers to their questions, further information about their concerns, a little entertainment, or something else, they should find something good and leave satisfied.

Does your online content satisfy your readers? Get tips for writing uniquely valuable website content with your perfect clients in mind.

Our Website Designers and Content Writers Can Help You Plant a Fruitful Website

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