When Producing Quick Content, Don’t Forget the Quality

Children's Hospital Post Riddled With TyposIn the news world, faster is better…except for when it isn’t.

Take this article, for instance. Yes, this is a real article from a real news agency. Do you see the errors? The headline says “Patitents” instead of “Patients,” and the summary says that “Children…is being treated” instead of “Children…are being treated.”

How Did This Happen?

My suspicion is that it got published so quickly that it got in front of readers’ eyes without editing.

Because a vital step was skipped, readers did not pay attention to the point of the story but, rather, to the atrocious errors. The writer’s abilities were then questioned, along with the news station’s writing standards as a whole.

Editing the article would have taken a few minutes and would have saved the station from an immense amount of embarrassment and ill thoughts by its readers. However, the damage has now been done, and the news station will find it difficult to recover.

Was it Worth It?

Criticism of Children's Hospital Post

Is being the first to break a story worth your reputation? The same question goes for hurrying to get that email out at the end of the day instead of waiting until tomorrow, or for rushing to print up those colorful brochures for your upcoming conference.

Is the rush worth your reputation?

The answer is a giant “no!”

Perfectionism Is Produced

Perfect writing rarely happens the first time around. We all mistakes, but we all judge people by them as well. As a business, you must always put your best foot—your best content—forward. Your readers, whether they may be current clients or potential clients, will judge you heavily on the type of information you present and how you present it. One wrong move, and even your most faithful followers will be judging your competence, so you need make every effort to ensure your content is perfect before you send it out to the net.

Remember the following:

  1. Faster is NOT better
  2. Editing is imperative
  3. A journalism degree does not ensure perfection

I add the third one because people often believe that a candidate with an English or journalism degree is the answer to their prayers. However, I’d like to emphasize that a degree in English or a similar field does not mean someone will be a wonderful writer. (As shown, and yes, I did do some research to confirm this writer’s background. He states that he has a Master’s degree in Journalism, and is “a terrific writer.” Would you like to hire him?)

How to Pick a Perfect Proser

The best way to ensure you’re getting the best writer for your position is to put your candidates through extensive writing and editing testing. Remember, they’ll be the voice of your company, so you want them to be as good at what they do as you are at what you do!

Don’t want to hire someone to write for you, and don’t have the time yourself—or know that you’re not a grammar guru? Lucky for you, we offer writing and editing services for our clients. Our team is comprised of incredible writers from a variety of backgrounds—scientists, former attorneys and, yes, even an English major or two. Give us a call at 888-886-0939 for more information about how we can help you!

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