Gone are the days when lawyers could sit down and make a list of all of the keywords they think their potential clients are typing into the search bar, plug those keywords into a blog, and watch their site catapult to the first page of Google.

Remember when all you had to do was start all of your sentences with "Fairfax car accident lawyers" in order to be found on the internet? Just as Google has evolved, so have your potential clients. They are internet savvy. They use their Smartphones (hopefully not while driving!), and they are now able to recognize a decent firm versus an awesome firm simply based on website content.

The new wave of SEO techniques involves focusing more on quality than on quantity. Repeating the same keywords over and over may get you the rankings you want for those keywords, but there are two flaws to this idea:

  1. Not all potential clients search using the same keywords.
  2. If you don’t have informative, persuasive content on the page, the potential client won’t bother staying, nor converting into a client.

How should I change my SEO behavior?

This new optimized content strategy suggests using your analytics to determine what people are searching to find your site and on which pages they are spending the most time, instead of repeating the same keywords. Once you have determined this information, you will be able to discover your highly converting keywords or keywords that are worth using again. This puts the focus on converting visitors into clients, instead of obtaining high keyword rankings.  

The highly converting keywords will also give you an idea of where in the buying cycle the potential client is.

For example, if you discover through analytics that people have searched "fair settlement for a Fairfax car accident," it is safe to assume that those people have already been contacted by the at-fault party’s insurance company and may even be finished with their medical treatment. This tells you that the person is ready to settle and needs an attorney ASAP. This also tells you that you can beef up your content with articles and blogs on topics such as "Never sign any settlement documents without speaking with an attorney," or "What to do if you are offered a settlement for your car accident" and re-use those highly converting keywords.

At Foster Web Marketing, we are constantly following the ever-changing algorithms of search engine optimization, so we are familiar with these new changes. For those firms that enlist FWM to completely handle all of your monthly content, congratulations—these keyword changes will be implemented for you.

For those FWM clients who choose to utilize the wonders of DSS on their own or with the help of an in-house marketing person, we have the following recommendations:

  1. Use your Google analytics to determine your highly converting keywords.
  2. Optimize those keywords with fresh, relevant content that keeps in mind where in the buying cycle the potential client may be. (i.e. recently involved in an accident, recently contacted by the insurance company, still off work with no lost wage payments, recently in receipt of a settlement offer, etc.)
  3. Figure out what you can do to transform your not-so-well converting keywords into highly converting keywords by optimizing the webpage and adding new content.
  4. Expand your content from articles and blogs to include press releases, news items, case studies, FAQs, videos, and new books or reports.
  5. Push your frequent, fresh, and new content out onto all of the social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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