I saw a picture recently, and it said, “Nerd Quirk #191 – Searching Google in full sentences.” Believe it or not, this is what most people do when they sit down to a computer and begin searching for something they have no knowledge of. They tend to use phrases instead of just typing in random words that will give them general results and have them searching for hours. Even though Google can pull up results in less than a second, if the results are not relevant, then it was wasted time. The more specific the phrase, the more specific the result, and this is where you need to create search engine optimized web content for your attorneywebsite.

This means that you need to sit back and think like someone who is in need of a lawyer instead of thinking like an actual lawyer. A group of random keywords in lawyer jargon will not do the trick. You need relevant phrases that include a location. This makes it way more specific and more along the lines of what a user will search for.

Keywords and phrases also need to be included in more than just in the meta-keyword section. You need to put them in the body of articles in a natural, clear way – do not force it. Put them in your titles, descriptions, and headlines, too.

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