You’ve probably been hearing a lot about links after the recent Google Penguin update, and you’re probably wondering what kind of links you should be pursuing for your own attorney website. While link building for lawyers is always a complex and changing field, most links can be broken down into one of three categories. Here are the good, the questionable, and the ugly when it comes to effective attorney link building:


  • Natural Links. These are the links you get just because you have great content to which people want to link, and they are some of the best links you can get. And the best part is, all you have to do is keeping creating awesome content!


  • Requested links. A big part of link building for attorneys is reaching out to other sites for links. This can be a mixed bag, depending on how you do it. While reaching out to high-quality, relevant sites is encouraged, submitting to paid link sites or low-quality directories can really harm your rankings. The key is to choose your links carefully or leave it up to the experts.


  • Spammy Links. The worst of the worst—if the majority of the links to your website come from blog spam, comment spam, or other crummy practices, then you can expect your Google PageRank to suffer.


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