A Cousin of Search Engine Marketing: Meta Keywords Tag

Meta keywords tags, along with their descriptions, are part of lawyer search engine marketing.Although they are not the focus when it comes to page ranking, they do have their own contribution to your page ranking.

What is a meta keyword tag?
Think of it as a shopping list that lists only the key ingredients to your recipe. In this case, you would list the important themes for the specific article you are working on. The list should be short and sweet. Yes, every word you write is important, but you want to think of what is most important to the readers (What are they searching for? What do they need to know?), and then make your list from there.

How can I make sure they are the “right” tags?
Scan through your article – just scan, this is not the time to proofread your article. As you scan, keep note of the important terms you read. Once you have this list, take the top 10-15 terms that most accurately and specifically describe the article.

But all 50 terms work so well!
Then your article is not going so well! If you cannot pick only 10 or so, then you are rambling rather than focusing your content, and you want focused content that speaks to specific users. If you are writing about a Virginia car accident and start stating motorcycle laws all of a sudden, then that user will more than likely click off your page, causing a higher bounce rate. This is what you want to avoid.

A few tips:

  1. Use only 10-15 unique keywords or phrases.
  2. Separate the words or phrases by commas.
  3. Put the most important words or phrases at the top of the list.

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