New Generic Top-Level Domain Extensions and Your Law Firm

First, let's go over some basic definitions:

  • Domain extensions: A domain extension is anything after the "dot" in a web address: .com, .gov, .mil, and .org are all examples.
  • New gTLDs: gTLD stands for Generic Top-Level Domain. But unlike the domain extensions we are used to—such as those listed above—gTLDs can be nearly anything: .app, .love, .shop, and .bmw are all examples of new gTLDs.

New gTLDs are becoming buzzworthy. Many speculate that the flood of domain extensions to be seen in the next year will create nearly limitless opportunities for those who embrace them. Proponents of the new gTLDs—headed by ICANN, who has already accepted 1,930 domain extension applications—believe that the change will help companies boost their SEO power, embrace their niche, and foster confidence in their audience. However, there are still many unknowns, and even online marketing experts aren't sure quite what to make of new gTLDs.    

In an article by Kathy Nielson over at Search Engine Land, she tells a story about the time she asked a room full of SEO experts and marketers if they knew what gTLDs were. Only three people out of 40 said yes.

So, if SEO experts don't understand gTLDs, why should you?

Why You Should Care About New gTLDs

By 2014, it's estimated that more than 1,000 new domain extensions will be used on the internet. Will your unique domain name be one of them? 

If you are hesitant, we understand. After all, much of the buzz around gTLDs is speculation. But, if speculation turns to reality, we should all be prepared to make the most of the wide array of new domain extensions. As a lawyer concerned about SEO, gTLDs could be a golden opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition. Imagine having a unique web address, such as This would likely appeal to potential clients—it sounds very distinguished—and it may appeal to search engines as well.

Only time will tell if gTLDs will be as a big a hit as many think they will be. Until then, we will continue to update you on the newest domain extension news and, if deemed beneficial, will help you get your own unique domain extension.

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