Three Places On The Web To Find Great Marketing Ideas For Your Attorney Website

Online attorney marketing is always changing - innovative ideas from three years ago may be the status quo now, and SEO techniques that used to be golden could now be harmful. Every time a new gadget becomes popular and every time Google changes its search engine algorithm, we have to reevaluate how and what we do. While it is easy to become frustrated with the constant evolution of lawyer marketing, it is simply much more effective and beneficial to embrace change!

To keep your attorney website on the cutting edge, it is important to keep informed and keep an open mind. Be sure to be involved in your industry and aware of marketing trends gaining traction in any industry. Here are three places on the web to watch for marketing news and ideas:

  • LinkedIn Groups. Many people are familiar with LinkedIn as a place to look for employment opportunities, but fewer people know that the LinkedIn Groups feature is a great way to connect with others in your field, network, and share marketing ideas. Especially look for local LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Groups specifically about marketing.

  • Mastermind Groups. Mastermind groups for attorneys, such as Great Legal Marketing, are made up of ambitious lawyers who want to excel, challenge each other, and share ideas. These groups are wonderful for brainstorming, sharing successes, and getting information on the newest trends.

  • Any Successful Business Website. Ask yourself: which companies and businesses do you feel loyal to, and why did you choose them? When did a marketing tactic last work on you? Go to the website of a business that you respect - or a business that has found recent success - and observe what is making them thrive.

Online marketing ideas are everywhere - as long as you are looking - and there are groups and resources on the web that can help you understand what is new, what works, and how to make it happen. If you would like further guidance for your attorney website marketing strategy, or if you need a new attorney website, contact Foster Web Marketing today.

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