Money and Time – How Foster Web Marketing Can Help with Both

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has brought two new terms to attorney web marketing: "pay-per-click" and "organic." You may be wondering what they are and which one to use for the best success. Foster Web Marketing says, "Use both!"

  • Pay-per-click, or "PPC," and organic are just two methods of enticing clients to choose your website through a search engine. PCC allows your site to always show up on the top of the results page when your keywords are searched.

  • Organic comes from you and the content on your website. The better and more relevant content than the more likely your attorney website will be near the top of the results page.

Pros & Cons

PPC costs money. Organic costs time. PPC, once your ads and key phrases are bought, runs without any babysitting. Organic will not cost you a dime. Each marketing tool has its own way of benefiting you, which is why it is smart to use a mixture of both.

Do not spend countless dollars bidding on the best keywords. As the keywords rise in popularity, so will the expense. Also, if you are just starting out with online marketing, chances are the best keywords for you have already been taken. You may end up with a handful of words that are obscure and never searched.

If you are relying on unique content, your attorney website and you will burn out quickly. There is no need to buy links or hassle with bidding wars; however, there is no perfect way to find out if your constantly-updated content is working, will continue to work, or ever worked at all. It is hard to predict the needs of the public.

What Foster Web Marketing Implements

Search Engine Optimization is just one of the many aspects of your attorney website that we manage. We make sure that the site works with your needs and your budget, which is why most of our clients use mainly organic and supplement their sites with PPC.

Organic, though it takes time, is worth the effort because it means making sure that your articles are relevant, useful, and meaningful. It will keep clients on your site... versus clicking on your bought keyword and realizing that your site is not helpful at all in their search.

The supplemental PPC is handled by Foster Web Marketing through their partner ROI Revolution. This is a full-service PPC search management service that specializes in building and managing Google AdWords campaigns. ROI also delivers incredible results based on data-driven results. ROI has the capability of knowing what words do and do not work.


Partner with Foster Web Marketing to receive the best of both worlds. Have pay-per-click and organic work for you without losing out on your hard-earned money and time.

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