Lawyer Video Marketing: To Autoplay or Not to Autoplay Your Attorney Videos

You’ve worked hard to write, produce, and post a series of attorney videos for your law office website. They have great sound and lighting. They cover topics that are important to your visitors. And your hair looks great. But, now that you have your videos ready to work for you, a question still remains: should you set your videos to play automatically when your visitors enter your website, or should you leave it up to your audience to press the play button? 

Unfortunately, there’s not a right or wrong answer to the question: it’s simply up to you. At Foster Web Marketing, we strongly believe that our clients should make these important decisions after learning both sides of the issue and thinking about what would work best for their goals and their business. Here are the pros and cons: 

Autoplay Video Pros: 

Setting your marketing videos to play automatically shows your confidence in your product and services – and takes an aggressive approach that could help your overall marketing outcome. Autoplaying your video will also make certain that even your less technologically savvy visitors will get a chance to see you and hear what you have to say. At the same time, autoplay may grab the attention of web surfers who are looking for legal help but aren’t sure where to start. 

Autoplay Video Cons: 

Some web surfers do not like to land on a website and immediately be subjected to a video and sound. In fact, some visitors may be surfing the internet while at work or in another place where video watching is not appreciated. Autoplay comes with the risk that the person visiting your site will quickly navigate away. More likely, though, the visitor will simply press the stop button and continue browsing. 

Web marketing for attorneys and law firms 

In most cases, we believe that autoplay can only help your marketing campaign. However, we also understand why lawyers make different decisions regarding autoplay on their websites. It’s part of our greater philosophy, which is all about giving lawyers the tools and knowledge they need to create the most successful marketing plan for their firm. Ready to get started? Call our team today at 888.886.0939

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