The Nitty Gritty of Penguin SEO—The Four SEO Best Practice Tips That Will Get You Through 2013, 2014, and Beyond

You don't want to read another article filled with general advice about improving your attorney SEO strategy. What you want is advice on the best, most lasting, and most natural ways to improve your SEO and "Google-proof" your website. And we've got it.

Real SEO Is the Only Way to Achieve Real Results 

If you follow the advice listed below, and if you truly embrace the power of real SEO, you don't need to fear or even think about the next time Google releases a Penguin or Panda. At the end of the day, what Google—and every search engine—wants is real SEO—not Penguin SEO and not Panda SEO. Here is your guide for an SEO maintenance plan that doesn't game the system but instead provides lasting SEO results.    

Your SEO best practices for 2013, as laid out by Adam Stetzer at Search Engine Watch, are:

  1. Gauge audience demands. What does your audience want? By using focused, geo-specific long-tail keywords, you will get results sooner, increase the breadth of your site, and build authority. And, as long as you don't stuff your content too full of these rich keywords, Panda will approve of your efforts and reward you for them.
  2. Refine and market your brand. Promoting your brand through traditional marketing tactics, such as press releases, is an excellent way to build real SEO. Press releases and the like can help you stay on the minds of your audience and establish you as an authority in your field.
  3. Market your content. By writing valuable, shareable content, you can build links without fear of punishment. This is because good content speaks for itself. And, if people find what you write interesting, they will share it on their social media accounts. Don't forget that video is a form of content marketing—use it and market it!
  4. Syndicate your content. All content, video included, should be promoted. To do so, ensure you are making the most of email marketing, newsletters, your social media accounts, engagement in forums, guest blogging, and local event sponsorship. Working to advance your brand though any—or all—of these channels is well worth your time and can support your SEO in a real, lasting way.

For real results, you need to be doing each of these things at least once a month. We know that's a lot of work. But, for real results that can take on any Panda or Penguin and come out unscathed, you are going to have to do the work required. Period.

For more tips, hints, and attorney SEO advice, call 888.886.0939 to speak to a member of the Foster Web Marketing team.

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