Riding High on a Blog Network's Backlink Juice? Get Ready to Crash.

Since February, private blog networks have been getting de-indexed right and left. And, when they get deindexed, they disappear entirely from Google's index. 

But I'd hate to spoil the ending, so let's begin at the beginning.

How Blog Networks Work

Blog networks have one purpose: to add links to a network of blogs. In theory, this is great for a site’s page rank. After all, backlinks—links on another site that point to yours—are certified Google Juice. The problem with this is that the blogs in the network are trash. They don't have information that anyone would read—just spun, stolen content—and have been set up to give the websites listed on the blog some Google Juice. The hundreds of links on the blogs give backlink power to the site they're connected to, and that's their only purpose. 

Ready to Join a Blog Network?

Let's pretend you want in on this game. Here's how it would go down:

You find a blog network that has 20 shady blogs. But you don't care about the quality of the blogs, you just want your Google Juice. So you pay your money, and they put your link on each of their blogs. This gives your site a little page rank boost, and you do a happy dance. No more slaving over traditional link building strategies. You just pay your money and watch your site rise in the rankings. And, if the Google Juice is this good with one network, wouldn't the high be even better with multiple networks?

Of course it would! So you sign up with a few more networks and ride high on the wave of that sweet, sweet Google Juice. But like any high, there's going to be a low. And it's going to hurt.

When the Backlink Juice From a Blog Network Runs Out

Sooner or later, Google is going to bust in and de-index the networks you have partying with, and these blog networks will disappear entirely from search results.

They've been locked away for good, and they've taken every drop of your Google Juice with them. It's gone, and your page rank suffers. All of the money and all of the actual work you've done on your site is now useless. Goodbye page rank, and goodbye Google Juice.

Avoiding the Blog Network Hangover

Nobody said white hat SEO was easy. It takes time and effort to do it right. You have to work your fingers off, constantly adding content, building relationships, and staying relevant. So we understand why it can be tempting to take a shortcut and cheat the system. But it's simply not worth it.

For help getting Google Juice the natural, safe way, call our SEO rehab team at 888.886.0939. We can help you get clean and build backlinks and SEO strategies that give your website the natural high it needs to be effective.

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