Secrets of Conversion: The FWM Way of Keyword Research for Lawyers

For those of you haven't already noticed, we don't just build and optimize websites. We strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive marketing plan that encompasses all different types of marketing channels.

Unfortunately, it is very easy for attorneys to hone in on one major part of the plan—website optimization. With everyone talking about SEO and how Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, it can be easy to become addicted to looking at where you rank on Google. We understand that to figuring out ways to push those ratings up can be confusing, but we urge you not to fall into the trap that many other firms fall into: filling your site with un-researched keywords for the sake of SEO. 

Believe it or not, finding the right keywords is way more important than you may think. So important, in fact, that choosing the right keywords can affect all aspects of your practice, but especially in conversion. Here's how:

  1. Proper keywords can become a huge part of your overall brand. When you use researched terms in your blogs, articles, press releases, videos, and landing pages, as well as in any print media or television ads, people start to associate those words with your firm, and you naturally become top of mind when they think of them. Being top of mind will increase the number of clients who come knocking on your door.
  2. Performing a little extra research now can prevent you from hurting your site. Continuously filling up your website with generic keywords can kill your rankings, and crawling out of that hole will require time and money. 
  3. The use of well-thought-out keywords will naturally improve the quality of your website content, which will help position you as an expert in your field. Potential clients are drawn to attorneys who know what they are doing. 
  4. You are more likely to see visitors positively reacting to your call to action. If your calls to action involve registering for your seminars, ordering your books or calling your office, you can expect a jump in revenue. 
  5. Utilizing good keyword techniques will allow you to cut out unnecessary and costly advertising that you have been afraid to let go of. Scared of forfeiting your first place placement in the phone book? You won't need the big, bulky book's ads if your keyword strategies in your articles, blogs, press releases, videos, and social media are used properly. 

Now that we've covered how strong keywords can actually save you money, let’s take a closer look some resources that will help you determine the right keywords to use:

  • Your existing clients. You'd be surprised how many people enjoy giving their opinion and how many of your clients would appreciate a quick phone call to pick their brain about what they would typically search to find an attorney.
  • Your competitors. Browse through your top competitors' websites to see what keywords they are using, and to get an idea of how you should formulate yours. Just remember to not consider their site the gold standard; simply use it as a guide. There is a chance that their techniques are not up-to-date, but there's no harm in looking. 
  • SEO-focused sites. Check out websites like Google's Webmaster Central Blog, and for updates on keyword use and other site-optimization techniques. 
  • Your web marketing gurus. Yes, that's us! Foster Web Marketing is always here to answer your questions, keep you up-to-date on trends or even to take the reins and handle your firm's keyword strategy for you. 

Want an analysis on whether you are keeping your website up to speed with the ever-changing cyber world? Call us toll-free at 888-886-0939 or fill out our online form today. 

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