Should Legal Marketers Pay Attention to Other Search Engines Like Bing?

While most SEO experts talk about improving how your website ranks on Google searches, it is important to understand that Google is not the only search engine that web surfers use. Other search engines, such as Microsoft's Bing, are gaining clout and popularity.

If you have an attorney website, we advise that you submit your sitemap to Bing, and set up a Bing webmaster tools account. These tools will allow you to analyze information regarding your website, such as keywords, backlinks, and outgoing links.

What are the differences between Bing and Google?

There are a few small differences between how Google ranks websites and how Bing ranks websites. For example, Bing favors larger amounts of text, while Google does not. Here are a few more differences:

  • Bing puts less emphasis on backlinks.
  • Bing does not employ the PageRank algorithm, which is patented.
  • Bing is slower at indexing than Google, which means new content is less relevant.
  • Bing is friendlier to webpages created with Flash.
  • Bing places more weight on anchor text than Google.
  • Bing places more weight on page authority than Google.

For the most success on all search engines, keep to the basics

After examining the differences between Bing and Google, it is easy to see why it is difficult to keep up with all of the newest trends and fads in SEO. It is extremely important to realize that the best way to ensure that your website will rank well on all search engines is to create a high-quality, well-designed site that is filled with unique, relevant, and up-to-date content.

If you need assistance with your lawyer webpage, or if you want to learn how search engine optimization can help your bottom line, talk to the SEO experts at Foster Web Marketing today. We can help.

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