The Effect of Google Autocomplete on Attorney SEO


A recent article brought up an interesting question: what effect does Google’s autocomplete have on your attorney SEO? Specifically, is autocomplete showing your potential clients a list of keywords that could harm your online reputation?

When users type a phrase into the Google search engine, Google will provide suggestions for what it believes they may be looking for. For example, if you search for “Foster Web Marketing,” you may see a list of autocomplete suggestions that include “Foster Web Marketing reviews” and “Foster Web Marketing webinars.” Unfortunately, some companies may end up with more negative terms associated with the search. One example of this is McDonalds—searchers can type in “McDonalds” and automatically get the autocomplete suggestion “McDonalds coffee lawsuit.” Some companies have even ended up with autocomplete suggestions attached to their brand name that are worse, like “complaints” or “scam.” 

The good news is that most small- and medium-sized businesses have less to worry about when it comes to autocomplete suggestions through Google search. For most of these businesses, autocomplete suggestions were either completely benign or virtually absent. However, as more and more users turn to the Web to connect with local services and companies, it’s definitely something to keep in mind and regularly monitor.

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