After Google updated its search engine protocol with Google Panda, the web was abuzz with information about what Google Panda does, which pages it harms, and what we could do to make the Panda like our websites. But from all of the new strategies, tactics, and SEO ideas that resulted from the Google Panda release, there is one central, simple truth: Google Panda rewards websites that put their users first.


Let's repeat that: search engines will always reward websites that focus on the needs of its users.


Why is this true? Google's job as the leading search engine is to successfully connect users with what they are looking for. And users are, without exception, looking for accurate information, an easy-to-use website, and someone who can help them with what they need. As Google improves its search engine, it will only continue to reward websites that help visitors, and it will only continue to penalize websites that are just playing the game and looking for traffic.


What does this lesson mean for lawyer website design and your own attorney website? Think about what your visitors want:


  • Fast-loading pages

  • Unique and interesting content

  • Up-to-date and information

  • Intuitive design

  • The answers to their questions

  • Solutions to their problems


The solution is simple, but it also takes some hard work, some thought, and some time. If you need help with your online attorney marketing and tackling SEO for your lawyer website, give Foster Web Marketing a call at 1.888.886.0939.

Web Marketing is the field of advertising for the promotion of the products. It is accomplished by various processes like social bookmarking, providing link on various sites etc. It is very useful for enhancing the business profitability.
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