Attorneys: Three Things to Check on in Google Analytics Every Week

When it comes to improving the success of your lawyer website and marketing plan, information is power. And if information is power, than Google Analytics is certainly one of your most powerful tools. However, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the large amount of data that Google Analytics provides and figuring out how that data can help you improve your marketing strategies and page ranking.

Let's start off simply. Here are three sets of data available on Google Analytics that you should check at least once a week:

  • Top content. On the main page of Google Analytics, your Top Content is located under "Content" in the sidebar. This feature will show you your most popular pages, how many unique page views they have received, the average time spent on the page, and the bounce rate. From this information, you can see what your most popular topics are and what people are coming to read.

  • Top traffic sources. Located in the top traffic sources overview, this great resource tells you where people come from to land on your website. While it is normal for much of your traffic to come from Google and other large search engines, it is important to focus on other sources of traffic, as well as which sources of traffic resulted in the longest stays with the lowest bounce rates.

  • Keywords. The Keywords report can be found under "Traffic Sources" in the sidebar. This feature lists the most common keywords typed into search engines along with the number of visits from each keyword, the number of pages visited, the average time on the website, and the bounce rate. This information can help you target new keywords and analyze how your keyword campaigns have been faring.

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