Here is a quick list to make sure that your HTML title tags are taking your search engine marketing to the next level:
  1. Use proper capitalization rules. **Exception** FAQ pages – you may use the question as the title, which would then follow the standard capitalization of the first letter of the first word of the sentence.
  2. Titles should reveal what is on the page. Do not make it a mystery.
  3. Create a unique title for each page.
  4. This tip goes with tip number two – the title should accurately show what the reader will get on the web page, because, if he or she bookmarks the page, then the title of the page becomes the name of the bookmark. If your title simply says “Home,” this is not going to show any detail or distinguish itself from any other web page.
  5. To expand tip number four – if you are creating a title for your homepage, then you still want to show what the reader will receive from the page, AND you want to clearly show the name of your attorney practice.
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