Keeping track of how well your website is doing is no different than gauging the success of any other aspect of your firm. A good website is an investment of time and money that can reap benefits worth their weight in gold.

But, just like all investments, it is important to regularly analyze their return and make sure that you are investing in all of the right places, using the right topics. For example, suppose you invest all of your time and effort into adding page after page of text-based frequently asked questions about car accidents. Turns out that, in your city, most people like to watch videos to obtain answers to common questions. If you are not paying attention to the visitor trends for your site, you could be wasting time that could be spent in other areas—like adding more videos.

While Google Analytics is available for data about your website content, how is an attorney supposed to know how well his or her videos are really doing? The best way to gauge the success of your videos is with YouTube Analytics. This free service can help you:

  1. Determine how many people are clicking through to your YouTube channel
  2. Find out where in the world those visitors are located
  3. Learn how much time is spent on your YouTube channel by the visitors
  4. Discover what path they took to find your YouTube channel. Did they come straight from a web search? Did they visit your website first? Did they search in the YouTube search bar?
  5. Define what a “loyal” visitor is to you based on the stats on how many repeat visitors you have

Now that you know why Google Analytics and YouTube Analytics are so important, it is now time to figure out how to best utilize these systems.

The first step is to make sure that all necessary codes are properly embedded in your site and in your videos so that you can begin tracking. If you have a Foster Web Marketing site, this is already done for you, and much of your Analytics data can be easily viewed within DSS, which is your site’s content management system. If you are not sure where to find it, simply send us an email, and we can walk you through the process. For those readers who do not have an FWM site, ask your webmaster for assistance, or call us toll-free at 888-886-0939. We can show you how our programs can benefit you on all levels.

The second step to analyzing your videos is to familiarize yourself with YouTube’s Overview Report. According to YouTube’s Help Center, the Overview Report provides an at-a-glance look into the following:

  • Performance metrics: Summarizes the information on views, subscribers, and estimated minutes watched for the channel or a single video.
  • Engagement metrics: Displays the most relevant data for the different engagement criteria (likes, dislikes, comments, shares, and favorites).
  • Top 10 videos: Shows the Top 10 videos of your channel according to view count.
  • Demographics: Gathers information on the gender and the localization of viewers.
  • Discovery: Summarizes the metrics for top playback locations and top traffic sources to your videos.

The third step is to determine what all of this information means to your specific law firm. For example, if your practice’s primary focus is on car accidents, most of your website content and videos most likely revolve around subjects like avoiding wrecks, common injuries suffered by auto accident victims, and important steps to take after a car accident occurs. If your analytics are consistently showing that your Top 10 viewed videos are about common injuries, it is safe to assume that your potential clients are visiting your site after they have been in an accident, not before, so you can save time and money by focusing on post-accident content.

Need more information on how to make the best legal videos and best utilize Google and YouTube Analytics? Contact the SEO experts at Foster Web Marketing by calling toll-free at 888-886-0939. You can also email us or use our live chat feature to have someone contact you to set up a comprehensive and complimentary plan of attack to master your legal marketing.

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