This week we are discussing the most powerful types of written web content for lawyers – from news items to frequently asked questions to library articles to blog posts. These different writing forms each have their own advantages. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the Client Testimonials page.

What do attorney website visitors want? Lawyer reviews.
When you want to know if a restaurant is any good, do you call the restaurant itself to ask? Probably not. Instead, you are more likely to hop on your computer, pull up Google, and look up restaurant reviews. It’s the same with many other businesses – including law firms. A potential client knows that YOU think your law office is great. What they really want to know is what other clients think of you.

Testimonials provide real client experiences.
A Testimonials page offers readers just that. It’s an opportunity to collect reviews and thank-yous from former clients that highlight the best features of your firm – how you communicate with clients, how you deal with adversity, and, ultimately, whether or not you can secure the best possible outcome. Many attorneys believe that the best cases come from referrals, and testimonials are the next best thing: a real person with a similar legal issue who shares their story and recommends your services.

Set up your testimonials page today.
The team at Foster Web Marketing can help you design an attorney website that is filled with the great content that visitors and potential clients want. Don’t know the best ways to collect client testimonials? We can help you with that, too. Get started on the path to an attorney website that is also a powerful marketing tool today. Call us at 888.886.0939.
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