You have an attorney website; why would you possibly need a blog? Aren’t blogs only for personal musings and gossip? The fact is that attorneys blogs are powerful marketing tools that can help increase traffic, create an online community, and ultimately get you more and better cases. Our most successful law office clients all regularly update legal blogs – and many have more than one blog in more than one location.

What are the advantages of creating an attorney blog?

  • A blog is interactive. Unlike the rest of your attorney web pages, a blogs gives you the opportunity to hear from readers and to create a community that returns regularly to read your posts. Readers can leave comments and ask questions – and you can respond. A potential client who is not ready to call you may be ready to ask for help in the comments section.
  • A blog can be added to an RSS feed. Readers can “follow” your blog and get alerts each time it is updated. This makes it even easier to keep in touch with former clients, network, and create community.
  • A blog increases your web presence. Having a blog separate from your main website allows you to reach more people – and to backlink to new articles posted on your attorney website. This can help increase traffic and better establish you as an expert in your field.

Remember – blogging can also be fun. It is a chance to show your personality, interact with readers, and give your opinion. Not all lawyer web content production has to be a chore.

Do you need assistance setting up your attorney website or lawyer blog? Or would you be interested in having a blogger produce quality, timely web content for lawyers? Contact Foster Web Marketing today.

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