What a Shrinking Panda Has to Do With Your SEO Practices

The Internet marketing and SEO worlds are alight with news of Penguins, Pandas, and Manual Actions. Oh my! To help you sort it all out, Adam Stetzer at Search Engine Watch wrote a highly informative article about the black-and-white updates and what you can do to Penguin- and Panda-proof your attorney website.

Easy, Panda, Easy...

The Panda update shook up search results, sending some top contenders plummeting to page ten. The update was initiated to punish websites with thin, duplicate, or spun content. But now, Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google, has announced that Google is decreasing its Panda power. This is in response to many false positives—legitimate websites that have been unfairly penalized. So, with Panda under control, we can now focus in on Penguin, which is a different beast altogether. 

Penguin Power!

Unlike Panda, Penguin focuses on links in the form of backlink patterns, anchor text, and manipulative linking tactics—none of which are of any value to end users. Penguin punished many sites for fishy—paid or spammy—linking practices. With Panda and Penguin staring you in the face, you really have no choice but to implement real, natural SEO practices.     

Real SEO Practices Please Pandas and Penguins Alike

Real SEO practices are SEO strategies that are ongoing, strategic, and integrated. Just like anything worth doing, real SEO isn't always easy. It requires regular maintenance and is based on white-hat, best-practice SEO techniques, and those techniques can be labor intensive. Each month it is suggested that you:

  • Properly identify audience demand
  • Focus on content marketing
  • Expand or fine-tune your brand
  • Syndicate your content

For more information, check out the nitty-gritty of SEO for attorneys.

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