When Should I Change Old Content on My Attorney Website?

An important part of attorney website maintenance is periodically going through old content to make sure it still fits with your overall online marketing plan and the services offered by your law firm. However, it’s not always clear when you should change old content or what you should do to change it. Here are some tips:

  • If a content item is no longer relevant to your practice, you may consider deleting it or updating it with more information about how to get help. 
  • If a content item is low-quality, contains a lot of errors, or wanders off topic, it may be worth fleshing it out and doing some serious editing. 
  • If you have old content that uses “black hat” SEO techniques, it should be changed or deleted immediately to mitigate damage to your search rankings. 
  • If new laws or other issues have left some of your content incorrect or outdated, consider updating the page with more recent information—or consider providing a link to a new series of articles on the topic!
  • If you have a site with Foster Web Marketing, our Dynamic Self-Syndication™ (DSS™) system makes it easy to add, update, delete, and otherwise change individual pages on your attorney website!

Creating a great attorney website is the easy part—the hard part is keeping it updated and relevant over time. If you need help creating an effective attorney website maintenance plan, or if you have questions about what to do with your old website content, give the team at Foster Web Marketing a call today at 1-888-886-0939 for guidance.  

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