Can I cut and paste legal content into my attorney website from other sources?

No! There are several big reasons that you should never, ever put duplicate content on your website – either content that you find on other websites or content that you are recycling from your own pages:


  • You might well be stealing. Taking content from other pages is not an ethical move – that content was researched and written by someone else. Plagiarizing isn’t good for the business or, we would argue, in general.
  • You are gravely harming your SEO. Google and other search engine spiders can spot duplicate copy from a mile away – and they do not like finding it. Original content is one of their favorite things.
  • You could be passing on bad information. Blindly using content means losing control over what you are posting. If you create content yourself or hire others, you can be sure that you are providing accurate information to potential clients.
  • You want to give your readers unique content. Your attorney website is about standing out in a crowd – how are you going to be edgy and original if you are using other people’s tired, generic material?


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