How can I best search engine optimize my meta descriptions?

When it comes to search engine bots ranking your web page, meta descriptions don’t count for very much. However, having a pithy, interesting, and well-written meta description can greatly help your click-through rate and help attract readers to your website.

Here are a few SEO meta description tips to keep in mind when writing content for your attorney website:

  • The best meta descriptions are ones that very accurately describe the content on your page.
  • Never cut and paste the same generic meta description onto multiple pages.
  • Keep your meta description under 160 characters so that it is not likely to be cut off when it appears in the search results.
  • Don’t stuff your meta description with keywords—it does not help your SEO.
  • Never leave your meta-description field blank.
  • Take an extra minute to make your meta description interesting and effective.

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